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Jake Locker Fan Website

Jake Locker is now officially a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. After all the drama the past year about how Jake Locker should have come out of college as the #1 pick, I’m glad to see Jake was still drafted #8 ahead of Gabbert who was expected to be the 2nd QB drafted, not Locker.

Clearly the Titans saw something in Jake Locker the analysts didn’t. Those familiar with Jake weren’t as surprised. What Jake Locker accomplished in his final year at the UW will long be a part of Husky lore and he will always be remembered as the person who turned the UW from an 0-12 team to a bowl winner in short order.

Now Jake Locker is a QB for an NFL team. My hope now is that Jake Locker will be given the time and training to reach his full potential, which I believe will be a top-notch NFL quarterback & an amazing role model for young players. I’m now officially a Tennessee Titans fan.

Came across a great video of Jake Locker that does a wonderful job of highlighting Jake Locker’s character. It touches on Jake Locker’s commitment & dedication to the sport and his community.

A fitting video for people to watch just one day before draft day and a clear indication that whatever team that chooses him is getting much more then just a talented player, which is in stark contrast with a couple of the other top QB choices. Character is difficult to measure, but plays a big role with the leadership the QB position demands:

If you follow NFL draft analysts, you’d certainly know that Jake Locker’s draft status has moved up and down on almost a daily basis. His Senior bowl performance left something to be desired, but he showed marked accuracy improvement in the combine and impressed with his athleticism. Then he followed it with a flawless Pro day at the UW.

For those who have followed Jake Locker through his UW tenure, the accuracy concerns are far overblown. On the run or in must-win situations, Jake Locker is more accurate than many NFL QBs. His numbers in 2010 were less impressive then people expected because of three primary reasons:

  • He played injured. Did any other QB draft propects play with a broken rib half the season?
  • He had no tight end. In ‘09, Locker had Middleton most of the season. In 2010, the back-up TE’s did not produce. I think the total number of catches the whole season could be counted on half a hand.
  • The UW played defenses that dominated UW receivers. For example, anyone who watched the Holiday Nebraska game (UW had to the amazing Neb secondary twice, which gave any team they faced very poor QB #s), would have noticed that nearly every play, both wide receivers were ineligible because the corners pushed them out of bounds every play).

As NFL draft day nears, some analysts have said Jake will be a top-10 pick, while others say he will be 4-5th round. We won’t know until it happens, but I’d be surprised to see him make it to the 2nd round. Where he is picked doesn’t really matter. What matters the most is if Jake ends up on a team that has a veteran QB to show him the ropes for a year or two. Personally, I’d love to see him end up at the Seahawks, but wherever he goes, I’ll continue to be a big fan.

As a Husky fan, I sure wish Ken O’Brien would have trained Locker two years ago. His drop step, form, and accuracy improvements are very noticeable. Jake is clearly trainable and clearly a hard-worker.

For those who can’t get enough of Jake, we recommend watching the follow videos:

on December 20th, 2010

On Friday, December 18th, Jake Locker popped the question to his girlfriend of a couple years: Lauren Greer. Lauren played on the UW Softball team and is pictured with Jake Locker below:

Engagement aside, December is a big month for Jake Locker as he leads his team to the Holiday Bowl on December 29th in a rematch with Nebraska and starts preparing for his NFL career. Congrats to Lauren & Jake!

on December 8th, 2010

The 2010 UW Football Senior class has seen it all. From the lowest of all lows in Husky history, finishing 0-12 to bringing the team to it’s first bowl since 2002, you must admire the fight within the team and the excellent work Coach Sark and his staff have performed.

Now, it’s time to celebrate as the Huskies have an opportunity to avenge the embarrassing loss against Nebraska earlier this year in the 2010 Holiday Bowl. Here’s the fun UW promo video for the game:

This Saturday in the Apple Cup Jake Locker must perform as his entire UW football legacy may be measured by whether he leads the team to a bowl or not. Of course, that is the same thing everyone said about the Cal game, and about the UCLA game. As with any time Jake Locker has had his back against the wall, I expect he will deliver the performance needed to secure a win and lead the team to their first bowl game in far too long.

Though Jake Locker’s season has not lived up to the hype of someone who would have been the #1 NFL draft pick if he came out last year, there’s one thing Jake has shown, which will likely make him a top prospect: absolute resiliency and ability to perform under pressure.

Looking at this season alone, Jake has lead several last minute drives to win close games.

On October 2nd, Jake lead the huskies to a 32-31 win over USC (now #18). Two weeks later, he led the Huskies to a 35-34 win in double overtime. Then at Cal on November 27th, Locker lead the Huskies to a 16-13 win and a last-minute touchdown scoring drive.

Locker has lead the Huskies to a win in all close games this season. He did it in past seasons as well. Most notable would be the 16-13 USC win in 2009 or the 36-33 win against Arizona, or how about the BYU game where Jake lead the team on an amazing game-tying drive where the refs basically handed the Huskies a loss after Jake threw the ball up in the air after scoring?

As Jake Locker continues with his back against the wall in a must-win game, there’s no other quarterback I’d want on my team then Jake Locker - even if he is playing with a broken rib. Even if the Cougars keep it close, Jake Locker will do everything he can to ensure a win and send the Huskies to a long-awaited bowl game.

on December 2nd, 2010

Jake Locker’s idol is Brett Favre, so it only make sense that Jake does everything he can to play, even if he’s hurt. I wouldn’t say that Jake is prone to injury, he just plays hard. “Hurt Locker” has made many appearances throughout his UW football career.

Hurt Locker History

In 2007, Jake Locker suffered a nasty helmet to helmet collision that completely knocked him out (see video here). They loaded him up in an ambulance & sent him to the hospital. UW fans had flashbacks to Curtis Williams who went helmet-to-helmet in 2000, paralyzing him permanently. but he returned up by the end of the game in a neck brace. And alter in the week he showed up in a neck brace before the next game, playing a joke on the press who thought he would be unable to play. He was able to play, and despite one of the scariest moments a football player could face, Jake never played soft, he gladly took hits and continued to run over linebackers.

In 2008, Locker played through a groin and hamstring injuries, then broke his thumb blocking on a trick play. Post surgery with 14 pins and a plate in his hand, Jake Locker asked to play safety, but Willingham didn’t let him. In 2009 after Jake took plenty of shots thanks to a weak offensive line and played fairly beat up much of the season, but it was his healthiest season and probably his best. His ability to deliver a throw without any concern about a massive hit oncoming, made him a top prospect.

In 2010, as is common with Jake, he rarely admits that he is injured. He played with a deep thigh bruise that clearly hampered him, but the more serious injury that he wouldn’t admit to is that he had been playing with a broken rib. When the Oregon game came, they finally admitted it and held him out for the first time of the season. Jake proceeded to play the next two games at UCLA and Cal. He was clearly playing injured, but played well enough to win both games.

This weekend, Jake locker will again be playing with a broken rib against Washington State University in the Apple Cup. If all goes well, he helps the team win again and gets to rest up a few weeks before playing in the Holiday Bowl.

NFL scouts unaware of Jake’s playing-while-injured status will undervalue him, which means whomever picks him up in the draft will likely be pleasantly surprised. Jake has proven he can play through injury and is extremely resilient.

on July 29th, 2010

Jake Locker has taken two trips to the East Coast, giving him some much-needed exposure to football fans who rarely see West Coast football. Here are three different interviews performed by ESPN. You’ll notice the interviewers aren’t very creative with their questions (they all pretty much used the same set of questions).

Jake Locker on ESPN First Take

Jake answers interview questions on:

  • Why did he return for one more year?
  • Does he worry about getting injured?
  • How does he deal with Heisman pressures?
  • What does he think about the expanding Pac-10 conference?
  • His thoughts on playing baseball & football.

Jake Locker ESPN SportsCenter Interview (Pac-10 QBs)

Jake Locker answers:

  • Do you pay attention to being rated #1?
  • Why did he come back for another year?
  • How to avoid contact with agents?

Jake Locker Ted Miller Interview:

  • What was your motivation for coming back your senior year?
  • How do you feel about being considered for the Heisman?
  • What’s it seeing the team going from 0-12 to potential bowl candidates?
on July 21st, 2010

The mayor of Ferndale, Gary Jensen, proclaimed July 24th is “Jake Locker Day” in Ferndale, WA. Jake Locker fans can visit Jake’s hometown this weekend to see Jake Locker, teammates and even Harry the Husky during the Old Settlers Parade.

Jake Locker Day

Look for Jake Locker in a Fire District 7 firetruck during the parade that starts at 11:00 am. You may also spot his family. People are encouraged to wear purple & gold or blue & gold (his Ferndale HS colors). More information about the Ferndale Old Settlers picnic and parade can be found here:

For those not familiar with Jake’s hometown, Jake Locker grew up in Ferndale, a small town in Washington near the Canadian border with a population of about 11,000. Jake Locker led Ferndale to a State AAA Football Championship in 2005 and will forever be Ferndale’s biggest celebrity.

on April 26th, 2010

As reported by the Seattle Times, the initial waves of Jake Locker’s Heisman campaign have started with postcards (see below) sent to all members of the Football Writers Association. It appears Jake’s PR team is going with an old school soft push, not even mentioning Heisman & not having a site for Jake’s campaign.

For a more grassroots fan effort, join the Jake Locker for Heisman Facebook Group.

Here is the front and back of the postcard that was sent out: